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( is a Wutai based FFXIV Linkshell. We are a fun-lovin' group of adventurers who seek to uphold the values of fair and clean play that is consistently taking things easy while havin' a good time and getting the job done. 

Dreadnaught will, at later stages, endeavor towards HNM's and end-game content - but currently, at it's birth, Dreadnaught prides itself on being lenient and caring for those who are just learning the game and making friends.

Join our ranks to enter an organized group of adventurers from all walks of life (Students, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs).

Dreadnaught - Fear Nothing 

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Valkyrie[Dread], Oct 9, 10 10:04 AM.
Please Register using your REAL character name. If your name is taken, please add the tag [Dread] next to it, ie: Valkyrie[Dread]. This way I can keep track of your DKP's alot easier. Thank you.



Valkyrie[Dread], Oct 9, 10 12:53 AM.
Register your account before the event expiration date and earn 1 DKP. To earn the DKP, click the DKP on the menu bar and sign up! DKP's will be awarded at the end of the event.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Valkyrie[Dread], Oct 7, 10 7:14 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Dreadnaught is currently recruiting the following:
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Disciples of Magic
Conjurer (5)
Thaumaturge (10)
Disciples of the Hand
Alchemist (20)
Armorer (15)
Blacksmith (15)
Carpenter (5)
Culinarian (20)
Goldsmith (20)
Leatherworker (15)
Weaver (10)
Disciples of the Land
Botanist (10)
Fisher (15)
Miner (20)
Disciples of War
Archer (5)
Gladiator (15)
Lancer (10)
Maruder (15)
Pugilist (10)
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